Investing in Alanya

Investing in Alanya

									Investing in Alanya

Investing in Alanya

Investing in Alanya

The city of Alanya administratively belongs to the Turkish city of Antalya and is separated from it by a distance of approximately 135 km. It occupies a privileged location on the shore of the Mediterranean in the southern side of Turkey. This vibrant city has a set of indicators and inputs for a profitable tourist and real estate investment process depending on its location and distinctive nature, and this article will be Dedicated to highlighting the topic of investment in Alanya and the extent of economic feasibility that can be achieved through this investment.


The most important neighborhoods in Alanya

Alanya is famous for many areas, which are mostly modern in terms of construction, as they came as a result of the tourism and real estate investment that this city witnessed, and we will mention the most famous of these areas in the following:

Starting with the city center:

It includes many archaeological and entertainment centers such as Alanya Castle and the National Museum, with a distinctive view of Cleopatra Beach, through which water sports activities are organized, including cruises, and the commercial movement is active through the Alanya port, which also works on maritime transport with other cities with a bus stop For transportation to the various provinces of Turkey, which operates throughout the day, making it permanently bustling with activity.


It is considered an important vital point, only 12 km from the city center and 30 km from Gazipasa Airport. It has been secured by various means of transportation that connect it to the various surrounding areas. It is characterized by a variety of restaurants, cafes and commercial centers located within it, and the most important landmarks of this area are Clock Square and Street Barbaros has also witnessed, during the last five years, a great urban renaissance in this area due to the demand for real estate purchases due to its location and considered and moderate prices.

Oppa and Jigli:

During its modern urban renaissance, the trend was aimed at ensuring that the arrivals had an entertaining time full of fun and entertainment, by paying attention to the equipment of gyms and swimming pools, with a focus on luxury residential complexes, which helped distinguish this area as it is close to the city center, where it is only 3 km away, With a fleet of active modes of transportation throughout the day to the various regions of Alanya.


This area is about 25 km from the center of Alanya. Its location near the sandy beach of Fugla made the attention of investors and businessmen to it, as there are many restaurants, hotels and commercial centers, with Avsallar serving public facilities and transportation, so it can be considered modern.


This area has a distinctive view of the coast of Alanya, which is about 20 km from the city center and 25 km from Gazipasa Airport. Banana farms abound in it. The cultivation of vegetables and fruits of all kinds, where its residents are interested in agriculture in general, is adjacent to the city of Mahmutlar in terms of location and is considered one of the promised cities A great investment activity, as the trend is currently linked to the construction of villas with large areas and modern and innovative designs.


Despite its urban modernity, it gained fame due to the Dim Chaya River. There are also a number of commercial centers, hotels and cafes serving residents and visitors of Kestel, which is about 8 km away from the city center.


Advantages of living in Alanya

Making the decision to live in Alanya is an appropriate choice and cannot have negative results due to the features and characteristics of this city at different levels, taking into account the desires and needs of different age groups, some of which I will mention:

  • A special location that combines the charm of nature with the beauty of water gatherings and sandy beaches, as it is located on the coast and facing the Taurus Mountains, in addition to being considered the most beautiful Turkish islands, rich in its picturesque nature, which combines forests, rivers and waterfalls with a mild and warm climate all year round.
  • The city of Alanya provides an integrated health care system through the presence of many public and private hospitals and health centers with a high level of education through an integrated educational system for different levels, especially the university level, and in particular those interested in history and architecture.
  • Life in it is easy to provide everything you want at reasonable and stable prices. With restaurants, hotels, cafes and malls of various degrees in addition to the presence of retail points, Alanya has special markets for leather and artifacts that give it a unique character from others.
  • A suitable place to spend a holiday, enjoyable and interesting through the activities and marine sports that can be done and safari trips to Aspendos, Alanya.
  • An integrated city in terms of the number and quality of existing public facilities, providing a strong infrastructure of an integrated transportation network that provides its services throughout the day, and its own airport, while encouraging work and investment in it, and securing job opportunities in it is one of the easy things to happen.
  • The residents of Alanya have a nature that is open to cultural and ethnic diversity, which facilitates understanding and achieves peaceful coexistence with all arrivals, with the majority of the population enjoying the ability to speak Arabic and English fluently.



Why is real estate investment profitable in Alanya

Alanya tops the search engines as the most famous tourist city in Turkey, as it receives large numbers of tourists. Among the factors that make it a profitable investment:

  • The tourist season continues throughout the year as the sun does not leave Alanya beach, which prompted the investment towards securing apartments that can be rented daily as well as weekly to accommodate Alanya visitors, and this was a great success as it achieved attractive financial returns.
  • Hotels, restaurants and various events are not committed to the summer activity, but rather operate and provide the best services and offers throughout the year, which activates the tourism movement in it.
  • Residential investment has become a demand from both citizens and Arab and foreign tourists who frequent this city, which has given real estate an increasing real value.
  • It can be considered a city free of industrial pollution, as it is more like a nature reserve that guarantees you to live quietly while enjoying fresh air, in addition to the availability of all necessities at low prices.
  • Work is continuing by Alanya Municipality to make it an independent city by supporting the services sector and public utilities, and providing various facilities to all those wishing to work and invest in Alanya in its various regions.

At the conclusion of this article, which was devoted to talking about investment in Alanya , the vibrant Turkish city, the location of Alanya and the most important neighborhoods in which it is famous was identified, with the most important features of living and stability in it, and the reason behind the success of real estate investment in Turkish Alanya and considering it very profitable.


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